Intelligent Carbon Capture & Utilisation

The Growth-Reduction paradox

The push to decarbonise has moved from simple offsetting measure to increasing pressure on industry to lower emissions at the source. At the same time, market demand for the products of industry continues to increase. The Challenge: how can industry to grow and prosper to meet the needs of humanity, whilst simultaneously reducing its carbon emissions?


C2G®: A truly market-oriented solution

ABR delivers Carbon2Graphene (C2G®), a scalable carbon capture and utilisation technology for industrial emitters. Developed in conjunction with RMIT, our C2G® solution not only captures carbon emissions at the source, it enables their transformation into a valuable new material: graphene. Emissions liabilities are now revenue opportunities. Our plan is a global licensing rollout for the C2G® for CO2 emitting industries commencing 2024. C2G® can be tailored to meet your requirements and conditions.

Ease of integration

Our modular C2G® units can be deployed to integrate with existing manufacturing processes, connecting to exit gas streams to convert waste CO2 emissions into a variety of graphene products. Our expert team welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with clients and engineer a solution to suit their particular requirements.

Dual system 

Design larger dual-system units, including a regeneration unit, to economise processes and to cater to higher-emission sectors, such as clinker cement manufacturers.

The future…

A stand-alone modular C2G production facility that can be readily deployed to integrate with existing clinker processes to convert CO2 emissions into a variety of graphene products.

Shift the future, together

The challenges are immense, but the most intelligent solutions are those which minimise the changes required to processes and behaviours. At ABR, our C2G® solutions are designed with that in mind. For a comprehensive overview of our products and how we can help you meet the challenges of tomorrow, we invite a conversation.

Our story is just beginning. Join us.

Research breakthroughs, commercial updates, and an exploration of carbon capture utilisation and graphene opportunities. Published sparingly.

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