Greener, stronger cement

A reduced footprint for a growing future

Concrete is the most consumed resource on the planet after water. It has been estimated that cement production is responsible for up to 5% of global carbon emissions. While the demand for cementitious products is increasing, so too are the pressures on industry to take responsibility for lowering its emissions profile. ABR empowers manufacturers to address this challenge.

Turning waste outputs into inputs

Our unique C2G® system allows cement manufacturers to capture carbon emissions from exit gas streams and convert these into carbon flake – our so-called SCM®, or Supplementary Cementitious Material. The SCM® (pronounced ‘skim’) can then be utilised as an additive within the cement, offering greater strength and improved drying and hardening properties.

Our research focus

We are building a scalable Carbon Capture Utilisation solution, with a global C2G® licensing rollout planned for emitting industries. C2G® implementations will be tailorable to meet client requirements and conditions.

Our current technology

A stand-alone modular C2G® production facility that can be readily deployed to integrate with existing clinker processes, in order to convert CO2 emissions into a variety of graphene products.

The future

ABR is in the planning stages of designing larger dual-system units, including a regeneration unit, to economise processes and to cater to higher-emission sectors, such as clinker cement manufacturers. This dual-system technology could simplify the decarbonisation of process emissions by eliminating the need to separate gases into individual compounds

Lead the future with us

The time to act is now. ABR is already in conversation with global leaders in the cement industry, as we work together to set a new standard in clinker cement manufacturing. Join us and be a part of a brighter tomorrow.

"It’s the extraordinary speed of the chemical reaction we have achieved that makes our carbon capture and utilisation technology viable, where so many alternative approaches have struggled.”

RMIT Co-lead researcher, Dr Ken Chiang 

Breakthrough News

Our story is just beginning. Join us.

Research breakthroughs, commercial updates, and an exploration of carbon capture utilisation and graphene opportunities. Published sparingly.

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